Friday, August 14, 2009

One month

Wow! A month has come and gone since Dmitri's birth.

Everything looked good at his one-month check up. He weighed 10 lbs. exactly (yay for super breast milk!). He was 20 " long, which our pediatrician informed us was a little on the short side. (Look at us, what do you expect? I'm just glad he doesn't have some form of dwarfism considering our families).

David and I are now an Uncle and Aunt! = ) We are excited that our nephew arrived in Israel on August 10th! We won't know the name until his bris ceremony on Monday, but we had the pleasure of seeing him via Skype and he is quite the cutie!

The 10th was full of energy and life, as we also welcomed Sophia Hovland Coppins into the world. We met our friends Wayne and Ingie (the beautiful parents) through our birth class, so it's been fun experiencing the journey through pregnancy and birth together. We got to visit her yesterday, and she is absolutely beautiful!

I love the excitement of birth!

School starts back on Monday, and things are starting to normalize around here. It seems like things will be quieting down and falling more into a routine. Then again, when have things ever been quiet for us!

I still have some healing to do, physically and emotionally since Dmitri's arrival. But all is well, and life is beautiful.

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