Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Israel Letter

Here is a copy of the letter we sent (minus some personal info) about our pending trip to Israel...

Dear Friends and Family,

It is with great excitement that we write this letter to share some big news! Two years ago, a seed was planted in our hearts when we met Karen Dunham, the director of Living Bread International Church and NGO. With corporate offices in Jerusalem, Living Bread works through out the Palestinian region in refugee camps. They have been granted NGO status by the Israeli government and they assist the army in providing humanitarian aid to this destitute region. Living Bread gives clothing, food, water, and education to refugees in some of the 27 camps throughout the country. They are teaching the people life-skills and rebuilding ruins; they are affecting lives and giving hope to those who are stuck in difficult circumstances. They are loving a hated people.
When we heard what this organization was doing two years ago, a desire was sparked within us. Unfortunately, many circumstances interfered with our attempts to join Living Bread and their work. Since then, we have overcome many obstacles and grown as individuals and a couple. We were married in June of 2008, and we welcomed our son, Dmitri, into our family in July of 2009. We feel that the time we’ve been waiting for is now. The embers have been kindled once again. The three of us are preparing to embark on this adventure and to fulfill our calling.
Tentatively, we will be leaving for Israel in the middle of January and returning the end of July. We will spend our first month or so becoming acquainted with the organization and culture. During this time, we will be living in Jerusalem, the corporate head quarters. For the remaining five months, we are unsure at this point where we will be. We could possibly be in Jericho or Bethlehem.
To find out more about Living Bread International and to see photos and videos, go to
We do not underestimate the difficulty of the task before us, and we are in need of a lot of prayer and support. Financially, we will need $8,000 to support the three of us for six months and to cover our transportation expenses. This seems daunting to us, but we know that we will be provided for, and we have faith that every need will be met! We also need a dedicated team of supporters to pray for us! We will be in potentially dangerous situations on a daily basis, as well as emotionally trying circumstances. Please pray for our health, marriage, and safety. We thank you in advance for providing for us in whatever way you are able or feel led. We have been blessed beyond measure to have such supportive, encouraging friends and family.

If you would like to keep up with our travels or drop us a note or word of encouragement, please feel free to email us at : We plan on sending an online newsletter with updates about our trip.
If you feel led to care for us financially...(omitted for privacy)

Thank you for your involvement in our lives- for touching us, so that in return we can touch others. With Love,

David, Caroline, and Dmitri

James 1:27a Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…

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