Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I wish I had something exciting..

To write about. Like, that our offer was accepted and we are closing in less than two weeks...

but I don't. = (

There is nothing short about a short-sale. 

But something exciting is right around the bend, the HOLIDAYS!
Cooking, eating, watching parades, shopping, gifts, wrapping, more eating, stockings, and of course, no turkey in my house. Since Dmitri has been born, I have started to question even more "why" we do things...question tradition. I am not sure that I want to teach him only partially true stories.  I don't want to lie to him about the meaning and stories behind Thanksgiving and Christmas. (Or anything for that matter). I want to teach my child [ren] the Truth. But yet, I still want it to be MAGICAL!

So from now until the New Year, Tuesdays will be a piece on the history of different holidays that we celebrate. Facts, stories, traditions...I hope that this will be as fun for you as it is for me! Let me know if there is a holiday that you would like explored! 



Sheena Louise Roetman said...

I don't really identify with one particular faith right now. I still have a lot to figure out on my own before being able to teach anyone else, especially children, about religion. I can't even imagine being in your position right now!

The first thing I thought of, however, when I read this entry, is that I think that it's important to teach Old Testament traditions and holidays within Christianity. I didn't know anything about Judaism until I went to a Christian college for a semester (for the sole purpose of exploring faith). I think the Hebrew traditions are just as relevant to modern day Christians as ever.

Good luck!

Amanda said...

I like how you changed your font colors! Such a cute idea, I may be stealing that from you! : )