Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Year

As I contemplate all that has changed this past year, my life is hardly recognizable.

So many things have happened:

-I gave birth to Dmitri without any pain medication
-We put an offer on a house
-I gained and lost 40 lbs.
-David transferred to a different Starbucks
-We have made several new friends

So many things have changed!
This time last year:

-I could sleep through the night
-I had to pee, A LOT.
-I threw up half of what I ate
-I took naps almost every day
-I couldn't wait to know what sex the baby was so that I could shop for him/her
-Ana was still peeing all over the house
-I kept our apartment very neat
-I would fall asleep in class from first-trimester exhaustion

-Every time I eat, I run the risk of having my food dumped on the floor
-I cannot leave the room without Dmitri whining/crying
-My house is not very clean; since I can only clean during Dmitri's short nap-times
-Leaving the house is a major ordeal
-I dream of being able to sleep without interruption
-If I ever lay down for a nap, which is rare, Dmitri normally wakes up before I can get to sleep
-I don't have time to study
-I can fit into my size 0's again!

But the biggest change my life has brought..

I now know how vast the love is of a mother for her child, the beauty of unconditional love, the warmth of a baby's smile, and the joy of creating a new being and watching him grow.

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