Friday, December 25, 2009

Round and Round and Round we go...

We have a family tradition that we spend Christmas day as a family. No guests, no rushing out of town, only pajamas, a big breakfast, and opening presents!

But the day after Christmas, more madness ensues. We are catching a flight to Washington D.C. from Atlanta on the 26th to visit David's family. We are returning the evening of 29th. We will then travel to Athens to pick up Ana, and head north again, but to North Carolina (at the house where we got married!) to ring in the New Year. After two days there, we will continue to Tennessee to visit with my family.

We will finally head home on January 3rd, before starting school on the 7th!

Hopefully all will go smoothly, we will have fun, enjoy family time, and no major blow up will occur! = ) One can hope, right?

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