Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Number Three: Read a book JUST for fun

I decided to take on a 21 Before 21 list of goals several months ago. I started out strong but my 21st birthday is only 5 months away and my pace as slowed down a little. However, I was able to check off number three this week!

Number Three: Read a book just for fun

I read, a lot. And I enjoy a lot of what a read. But, I usually go the entire school year without reading a book of my own choosing. I decided that needed to change. So I read the book, Having Faith: An Ecologists Journey to Motherhood by Sandra Steingraber and let me tell you, fun doesn't even begin to describe it.

I should warn you, I am a complete nerd, especially, when it comes to birth and pregnancy. Add to that: I'm a health nut too. So, that might give you an idea of what I think is, well, fun. I could barely put this book down. I think David is quite excited that I finished it, hoping that now, maybe I will stop going on, and on, and on...about placentas, lead, seafood, DDT, Sweden, and breastfeeding...

Sandra Steingraber wittily details the events of her pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, in a relate-able way (Sandra, I feel your round ligament pain!) and yet, goes so far beyond most pop-pregnancy books with her scientific detail and anecdotes. I am amazed by the extensive detail, research and knowledge that is contained in this book, which oftentimes is shocking, and even scary. And most challenging, is her call to praxis: to take action to protect ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren from environmental pollutants and carcinogens. There is no doubt that this is my absolute favorite book about pregnancy, birth, ecology, breastfeeding, public health, environmental pollution etc. I teared up often, was stretched and challenged, and fell in love with this book.

I think this quote illustrates her brilliant writing, her depth, and the beauty of the book, Having Faith: An Ecologists Journey to Motherhood:

"In the world outside this glass room, songbirds are feeding and resting in the trees. Some will take off tonight and not land until they reach Venezuela. Sandpipers, plovers, and broad-winged hawks have already left for Patagonia and Panama. Bats are headed for caves in Kentucky and Tennessee. Out in the Atlantic, humpback whales pass by on their way to the Caribbean. Even now, Canada geese are honking toward us from Quebec. It is a good day for the beginnings of journeys.
Every time I look at you, I think, Now I cannot die." - Sandra Steingraber

Reading a book just for fun was wonderful. I think I might even do it again...suggested reading anyone?


Cate said...

The first thing that comes to mind is "Woman" by Natalie Angier. Wonderful science writing about the female body.

Val said...

Sounds like I book I would enjoy reading. Thank you.

Mama Gone Green said...

I will have to put this one on my to-read list!