Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year and a New Project...or two.

We had a wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah and enjoyed time with dear friends and family, as well as homemade eggnog, fondue, latkes, and herb de provence butter cookies, amongst other things. And as is tradition, we are ringing in the New Year with a new project. (Our New Year's project of 2011 was our Master Bed)

I asked for a white picket fence for Christmas, and I must have been pretty good this year, because Santa (white beard and all) is helping us install one. What we originally thought would be a one day project has turned into five and counting...But all that remains is building a gate for our driveway and then painting (which the elves are working on as I type).

There were many reasons for deciding to install a fence in our front yard. The first of which being the safety of Dmitri & Damon. Since our house sits very close to a busy road, we knew when we bought our house that a fence would be a necessity to keep little feet from chasing after something into the road. However, since we only had one immobile baby at the time, and not two little ones on the loose, it hasn't been a high priority until now. Dmitri can now open all of the exterior doors on his own, and so this upped the priority very quickly! We also feel that this would be a concern for any potential buyers or renters who have young children too.

Lesser considerations for the install included our desire to add some English cottage charm and curb appeal to our home, both for our own enjoyment as well as for re-sale purposes. And Pinterest only fed my obsession.

Some photos of the fun...

Dmitri loves riding his in the front yard.

 Damon checks out the fence.

 Playing in the red clay from the fence post holes.

 Dmitri loves to help. Even if the shovel is twice his size.

 Hauling away the dirt.

Exhausted after a hard day's work.

Happy New Year! 


JPeaslee said...

Love the photos! I'm glad you had a good holiday, and I swear your kids get cuter every time I check this blog.

Adriana said...

So cute!

Samantha said...

Funny! Little ones do love to be involved.

Christy said...

So glad you had a lovely Holiday season! Hopefully you are enjoying & relaxing since you are all done with school. Hooray!
Loving the new fence. Peace of mind while the boys are playing will be great.