Monday, January 16, 2012

Say Yes to the Slipcover

Replacing our purple sofa that has been a little too loved has been high on our priority list since we moved into our farm house. But, between thousands of dollars of unexpected home repairs and our college student budgets, buying a new sofa has not been a feasible option. We decided that maybe a slipcover would be a good interim fix, but even slipcovers are pretty expensive. Well, when I found a Pottery Barn slipcover in my local swap group, I was a little more than excited to work out a deal.

Wrangling it over the purple sofa was quite a task. It kind of made me think of trying to fit someone's skin over every crevice of a different person's body. But eventually, we got it on. And I am pretty impressed. Sure, it's not a new sofa. But for $30, it makes a pretty big impact!



Please ignore the post-Christmas toy craziness lurking in the corner. We are in the process of some major toy organizing here. And I need to make some pillows, but it's getting there. It makes me much happier to sit in the living room now. = ) It's a good feeling.

Have you ever tried a slipcover as a temporary or permanent fix?


Mandi said...

Wow!!! We have two dark and ugly (to me) couches waiting for us in storage when we get back from St. Kitts. I was thinking about getting slipcovers for them when we get back... hopefully they will turn out as good as yours!

Christina said...

love it!! I have a slipcover right's a PB brand from - have you ever hear of it?! It's an AMAZING source for CHEAP brand-name slipcovers...just around $30 too!! :)

Julie Danielle said...

That looks really nice!

michelle said...

I love it, and I love slipcovers. I have a few around the house to cover some unsightly material. :)
I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that your new year is starting off good. :)

Samantha said...

Yup. Made my own. Almost killed me.

Cherish said...

I've been debating a slip cover for the last couple of months to cover two of our couches. I dont think I've ever seen one in person, but it was good to get an idea of what our couches might look like afterwards. Thanks!

Christy said...

I think slipcovers actually can look better than brand new couches:) I've seen them nicely done & they can make the house feel a lot warmer.