Thursday, June 14, 2012

Personal Goals: June 2012

With the beginning of a new time in my life as a stay-at-home mom/part-time doula, I set some personal goals for myself. Things that I wanted to accomplish, ideas and direction for those moments when I could not think of anything that I wanted and "needed" to do. I started this list in January, and for accountability and to remember my journey, and for when I feel like "I'm not doing anything," I want to chronicle what I have done during my first six months since graduation, and outline what I would like to do in the future.

Here was the list that I created for myself and printed and placed in my organizer. I have added my progress and notes in italics and parenthesis.

Caroline’s Project List

-Paint back door/replace door knob (Well, I did paint the back door. But it's going to have to be replaced I do believe...still need to replace door knob too).
-Hang hooks in closet
-Paint mirrors and hang in library
-Pack away toys in playroom/living room (I am constantly re-organizing toys. I just don't know where all of these come from! There is always more, and so many that aren't played with. I'm very much a minimalist at heart, and if it's not played with in the last few months, I pass it on!)
-Finish playroom
            -bird mobile (You can see it here!)
            -Dmitri’s collage wall
            -Damon’s collage wall
            -play kitchen (In Progress!! FINALLY! It will hopefully be done in time for Dmitri's 3rd birthday!)
            -paint ceiling?
-Finish brown sofa (It needs a few touch up stitches...but I'm calling it done!)

-Update Damon’s photo book (I finished Damon's 1st Year, and I'm almost done editing it. Have I mentioned, I love Blurb!)
-Take laptop to Peach Mac for file removal (But they couldn't retrieve them. To get the files and photos that we need off of it is going to cost around $400-$650....we wouldn't normally do this but it has all of Dmitri's baby photos on it. = ( So, one day, when we have the money, we will do that...)
-Dmitri’s 1st year photobook (Cannot do until we get photos off of laptop. One day, one day...)
-Dmitri’s 2nd year photobook
-Dmitri’s 3rd year photobook
- Scrapbook (2009-2011)
Homestead List
-Build chicken tractor (90% done. But we didn't finish it since I got rid of the chickens. = / )
-Build chicken coop
-Prepare garden beds for spring garden   = )And when I get a weed-eater, I will show you photos. Haha!

Reading List
-Folks This Ain’t Normal (Read first 1/2....)
-Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (Read 90%....I should really finish it. Loved this book! Barbara Kingsolver is such a great author.)
-Wild Fermentation
-First Lessons in Beekeeping  This really made me fascinated by beekeeping!
-Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves (Read first 2 chapters...would like to keep reading!

So, I still have a lot to do, and there are plenty of things I would like to add to the list. And I'm really bad about starting a lot of books and not finishing them...I'm currently reading Radical Homemakers and absolutely LOVE it.

For the second half of 2012, I would like to add in addition to the above:

-Build new dining table
-Remodel kitchen (oh please, oh please...)
-Make enough jams & butters for our family for the year and a few extra for gifts
-Have a 100% homemade Christmas!
-Finish Radical Homemakers
-Landscape the front yard to look like an English cottage garden (I might not be realistic, but at least I'm specific, right?)
-Potty train Dmitri. Or more like, hope that he potty trains himself with a little guidance.

And who knows what else I will get myself into.... Do you find yourself getting antsy about projects in the summer, or does the heat slow you down? I find myself oscillating between the two.


Katie said...

Oh yes! When Summer comes I always drop the projects on the inside of the house and start on the outside! Then nothing gets done! :)

Clandestine Road said...

Those are great goals and nice job on your accomplishments. I'm with you. My motivation for late summer is gone. Just before and at the beginning of summer, I'm a list-accomplishing fool.

Ma said...

I know very little about computers, but may I offer a suggestion? If the laptop is broken but the pictures/files are on the hard-disk, I may be able to help you! My old laptop broke and I needed a bunch of school files from it, so my friend was able to help by taking out the hard-drive and hooking it to another computer to transfer them. If you'd like, I could ask him to give me specific instructions for me to pass along, and it might be the same thing you need?, you may feel comfortable giving it a try. It could be simpler than you think (and possibly free - you may need a certain cable or something).

Christy said...

You go girl!! What an accomplished list you have:)

Mama Gone Green said...

I just recently made a list of summer goals. Good luck with yours!

Tonya said...

Just discovered your blog. That's quite a list you've got there! I loved Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

Hope to hop by again soon :)