Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Right Now (July 25th)

Right now, I am...

:: listening to the fleeting quiet of my house while David and the littles take a morning walk
:: warmly remembering the fried chicken that I have eaten this week
:: feeling hopefully overwhelmed by the motherhood challenges that I am currently grappling
:: learning to sit on the floor and play with my children, every day
:: in awe of my children's imagination and what they are teaching me when I take the time to pay attention  
:: thankful for our large blow up swimming pool that is keeping me and the littles cool and sane on these long hot summer days
:: missing having more time to accomplish my goals since my children are becoming increasingly demanding for my attention
:: lost without my camera (I need a new battery)
:: dreaming of a kitchen makeover
:: scheming of getting chickens again
:: flabbergasted that school starts back in just over two weeks for Dmitri
:: wishing that Damon could go to school too
:: eyeing our new Summer Meal Plan for what's for dinner that I have labored over and look forward to sharing once it is fully tested
:: planning my fall garden
:: frustrated by Damon's intense separation anxiety
:: knitting dishcloths, dishcloths, dishcloths.
:: looking forward to my brother's wedding next month! And happy that it gives the opportunity for coordinated family photos.
:: savoring these last summer weeks
:: excited that potty training is going quite well for Dmitri
:: thrilled  by only changing and washing one child's diapers
:: feeling blessed, thankful, hot, overwhelmed.
::going to admire the flowers picked for me on the walk and then head to storytime!

As is frequently the case, I am inspired by Amanda Blake Soule.


Mama Gone Green said...

Ahhhm the joys and challenges of two littles, right? Thanks for sharing.

Hannah said...

Loved reading this. Being a mama brings with it more feelings than I ever could have imagined! It truly is one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs of all time. Sometimes I look at my little guy and smile because the simplest, mundane things are so sweet when they come from him. <3