Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In My Garden (and photos of my picket fence!)

The end of July is bringing the heat, and my garden has not been all that I've wanted it to be. But I am embracing this learning experience, and I'm trying to not be too hard on myself. My own goals may have been a little lofty - visions of eating completely out of the garden in my first season (other than poorly growing tomatoes) was probably a bit unrealistic. The two things that have grown well are watermelon & squash. But I ripped out my squash because of squash vine borers. My watermelon vines have grown like crazy- up and down the trellis, all over two beds, over the fence and out to the road. But they were not producing at all and I was going to rip them out to make room for other plants, until David mowed the yard this past week and found some watermelons hiding on the outside of the fence. I cannot wait to try a watermelon from my garden this week!  I'm excited about getting ready for my fall garden, and I am gathering my thoughts and notes for next year's spring. A synopsis of my gardening notes:

-Start seeds inside earlier (January & February) especially melons!
-Plant more of everything
-Add another gardening bed or two (maybe a separate melon bed).
-Make my tomato bed an herb garden
-Mulch tomato plants, and stake/cone early

A look into my garden (and you can see my picket fence that I still have not photographed because it needs another coat of paint!):

 3 8x4 beds in my front yard
 Watermelon has taken over!
 A baby!
 Buzzing little garden worker!
 Budding babies.
 Okra that will hopefully start producing soon!
 Sweet potatoes - maybe we will get a few?
 My garden gnome!

 Outside of the fence!
 Can you find the hidden watermelon?
Pure glee.
How does your garden grow?

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Mama Gone Green said...

Watermelon?!! How exciting! The one time I tried to grow that, I ended up with a watermelon about the size of a lime. Needless to say, it was not edible.
Aren't gardens such a learning experience? Dealing with pests, weather, soils... every year I have had things that didn't turn out how I wanted and things that went crazy. I did a garden post a few weeks back with photos of what we are growing out here in Portland: http://mamagonegreen.blogspot.com/2012/07/july-garden-linky-party.html