Friday, August 3, 2012

Living Room Before & During

A while back we completely re-arranged our entire house. It was musical rooms, and no room was left untouched. It's allowed me to fall back in love with my house, and feel like this really could be our forever, dream home. Much like the infatuation I felt when we first moved in.

We have been having a lot of functionality issues in our home. The dining room was 3 rooms away from the kitchen. Our living room was far from cozy and inviting. The rather awkwardly shaped and oversized room made us feel like we had to yell across to the other sofa. And the playroom was tucked away from the rest of the house, and I didn't want our littles to feel disconnected and shut away from our every day lives. It came down to us feeling like it wasn't working for entertaining, or really, for living on a daily basis.

So we got to thinking about how we could make it work for us. We made a list of all of our ergonomic problems, and looked for ways to fix them. It's been nearly two months since the great rainy Sunday switcheroo. It has been tested with a party, and with friends. And it works.

I am finally taking some photos to share it with you. They are "during" photos, because there are so many ideas that I still want to implement. But here is a peak into our new living room.

Our living room at the very beginning:


More Progress:

Side one ^ and side two below.

AND NOW... Our living room isn't in this room at all. Remember our breakfast room:

Our little family had kind of outgrown it. And here it is now:

It's cozy, comfortable, right when you come-in, close to the playroom and dining room. And it just flows.

Our old LR is now becoming a stately dining room. 8 foot table and all...but you'll have to wait a bit longer for photos of that. Thoughts on the switch?

I'm liking the evolution of our home, ultimately becoming "more us" one micro-change at a time.


AnnabelVita said...

It looks amazing! Cozy but light and bright at the same time.

Mama Gone Green said...

Glad you found something that works better for your family. Our entire house is 880 square feet, which is actually a little bit too small, but I also feel like I am connected to the kids wherever I am in the house.
I love those blue walls in the old LR!

Unknown said...

LOVE it!!!! I keep thinking I want to start over. I want to build our own home. I would rather find a fixed up old home, but we can't afford one that's mostly fixed. I don't know what we'll do. Can't wait to see the dining room!

Ginna said...

It looks great! Warm and inviting!

Christina said...

I loooove this!! amazing! The colors are spot-on and unique - LOVE!