Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meet the kittens

Ever since we lost our sweet Sookie, we have hoped to get another cat - not so much because I miss having a cat, but because Dmitri, even six months later, still cries about missing her. He loves all animals so dearly, but he has a special affinity for cats.

So we have been waiting for the right time, and the right feline, to join our family. And with the busy-ness of summer behind us, and the hope of a fall routine, we have added not one, but two little kittens to our ever-growing brood.

Meet Dumbledore:

And Bellatrix:
teehee, that photo cracks me up.

On the windowsill together.

And they are very well-loved.


Christy said...

So exciting to have a new feline friend to the family!!

Unknown said...

My cat would honestly never put up with that. Not fair, I tell ya... Not fair! PS. I love Dumbledore's bushy tail!!!

Mama Gone Green said...

So cute!! Love the names too...

Christina said...

oh they are SO cute!! Looks like your boys love them too!! :)