Thursday, February 7, 2013

A/C Cover DIY: Or How to Accessorize a Giant Eye-Sore

Nearly everyone has some sort of A/C or heating unit. If you live in a house, then you probably have one sitting somewhere in the back or side. I've never paid them much attention, since all houses have one somewhere, that is until we bought our house. The layout of our house is a little strange, because we have a circular driveway in the back. Because of this, our back door functions as our front door. Which means, the back of our house is fully visible when we park and come into the house.

This also means that the giant air compressor sits right where we, and everyone who comes to our house, parks and enters our house.

And I think it's ugly.

If you had one sitting in the front of your house, right by the front door, you might feel a bit self-conscious about it too. And that's how I felt.

So, thanks to some Pinspiration, I devised a plan to make ours a little easier on the eyes. It is a part of my grand master plan to make the entire back of our house, and yard, and porch quite pretty. One of these days.

Here are the before shots, from forever ago.

Ick. So devoid of charm...but don't worry. I have a plan.

AND after our mini-makeover:

 This is what you see now when you drive up to our house.

Better, no?

We still need to hang shutters, and I would like to add a window box. And did I mention landscaping?!

There is hope yet, for the giant box that is the back of our house.

And, it's embarrassing how long we have had the supplies to do this- yet another "in progress" that we can check off the list! I'm loving this New Year's Resolution. And the early stages of nesting. It's pretty fantastic.


Mama Gone Green said...

Totally cute and a great idea! We have a similarly ugly one on our back porch. Yuck! Looks great!

Cassie Bustamante said...

SOOOO much better!!!! ours is in the back yard where no one sees it thankfully- well our dogs, i suppose, see it. ;) love the design you chose!

Lauren @momhomeguide said...

Great idea! Do you have a tutorial on how you put up the wood screens? It looks terrific!