Monday, February 11, 2013

Preparing for Baby (When You Don't Know the Sex!)

Since we do not know the sex of baby # 3, preparations have been a little different this go-around. I like to be planned and prepared, and this has been one of the challenges of not finding out for me. As winter shows hints of spring, I am reminded that my due date is getting closer. And it makes me a little bit more anxious to be ready for this baby! And knowing that I will still have two rambunctious boys to chase, as well as taking care of a newborn, makes me want the post-partum period to be as organized and stress-free as possible.

I eased a little bit of my anxiety this weekend when I pulled out all of the boxes of baby clothes and sorted them. I added a few new pieces to the mix that have been piling up on my desk over the past few months (gifts, little things I find at consignment sales, etc.) I cut up some cardboard for dividers to keep everything neat.

Doing this really did the trick for me. I feel much more can arrive, and we can pull out the box of clothes and put them in baby's drawer (well, we have to get a dresser for baby still...another pre-baby To-Do.)

Photos of my boxes.

 The newborn box. Labels, so that anyone can figure it out. (eh, hm. David).

3 months + box. It made me sad to realize that my boys wore these sizes by the time they were 4-5 weeks old. They grow so fast! 

Sometimes it's the little things.

As for other preparations, here is my To-Do List.

Baby # 3 To-Do List

-Finalize names (we have a boy name & a girl name).

-Organize baby clothes.

-Set up the crib!

-Get a crib bumper.

-Finish crib bedding...Mattress pad and sheets.

-Acquire a dresser to store baby's clothes & diapers. I have been checking my swap group & Craigslist with no luck so far. We are maxed out on clothing storage as it is, right now, so we need to find a 3-drawer dresser to add to our bedroom.

-Complete diaper stash. We need 6-8 more newborn diapers and 2 more covers.

-Re-arrange carseats and install infant seat (we will probably wait until 36 weeks or so to do this.) 

-Update Dmitri & Damon's photo books. I was up to date through last summer, but I want to make sure I am completely current by the time # 3 arrives. Repeat it with me, I WILL NOT TAKE LESS PHOTOS OF CHILDREN #2...#3... + It's pretty much one of my greatest fears, and I'm not giving in.

-Summer wardrobes for Dmitri & Damon complete. (I think I only need to get them swimsuits and shoes. Knocked out a lot of it this weekend at a consignment sale, and I'm going to another next weekend! Yes, I am one of those moms. I sure do love buying used though!)

-Make a bunting for baby's crib.

-Hang curtain above crib

-Find a stroller that is car seat compatible. Neither of mine are. Maybe this?

-Finalize birth plan & childcare plan. We are stumped with what to do with the big brothers right now.

-Borrow a co-sleeper.

-Figure out what other house projects we want/need to complete.

-Assemble birth supplies.

And probably a bunch of other things that I'm forgeting. Suddenly, I feel unprepared again. Time to start knocking some of these out!

Any other ideas on things I should do before # 3 comes and shakes things up?! Hitting the third trimester next week. Bring it on!


The Parker's said...

Don't forget to enjoy your boys!
And you should probably add a cousin play-date! I'll call you soon to talk about dates!

Anonymous said...

You are so organized!!!