Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The First Week with Three (Three and Under)

-Eleanor sleeps, eats, and poops. A lot.
-She is so quiet and sweet. David is worried that her "crier" is broken.
-When she is awake, she is ridiculously strong and active. Dmitri says, "Look! The baby is learning to swim!"
-Dmitri and Damon are smitten. And surprisingly gentle.
-They have given me a few scares- trying to carry her, accidentally jumping on her, "sharing" tomatoes with her. Well-intentioned, but I feel like she isn't safe unless I'm holding her.
-Where am I supposed to lay her down?!
-My boys cannot handle being out of routine. That part has been really rough.
-David went back to work yesterday. I wasn't ready, but he sure was. It will be nice to try to navigate and figure out our "new normal" life though. I just wish I had another week to rest first.
-We had our first public outing to Treehouse Kid and Craft (one of my favorite Athen's stores) a couple days ago.
-I took all three little ones out by myself for the first time yesterday to playgroup. It went pretty well, but wore me out. I could have gone to sleep at 6 PM.
-It's so strange having three carseats. I love our van so much though; it's so easy to get all three littles in and out.
-I have been singing, "Five in the bed and the little one said, roll-over, roll-over." It's our new family theme song.
-Cloth diapering from minute one and going great; I feel like we finally have it down!
-I'm going to need a much bigger diaper bag.
-I feel like a first time mom all over again.
-I had forgotten some of the joys of breastfeeding...like engorgement and leaking milk.
-Her birth story is in progress.
-I am loving taking photos of our new littlest one. Hopefully I will get to take her "official" newborn ones in the next day or two.
-I'm so thankful for our community right now; friends have set up a meal train which is such a blessing. I have felt so loved and supported during this pregnancy, birth, and post-partum period.
-We are going to survive. I think. = )


Curly-T said...

I've been there! When my third was born I had a 3.5 yr old daughter, and a son who had just turned 2 the day before!

It DOES take adjustment. You're right, it's rough to have the older two thrown out of schedule.
But they are surprisingly flexible (even those that thrive on routine and schedule).

Those well-intentioned but scary moments will soon pass and you'll be able to put little Eleanor down without worry.
My suggestion - if you don't have a little bouncer or something - get one! We had a little chair that converted to a steady baby chair and that is where second and third baby sat when I needed free hands. I just told the older siblings that when baby was in the chair, they were not to touch without asking, or share food without asking! ;)

Congrats again on the gorgeous little girl. You can do it, Mama!

Cheryl said...

Congrats on the beautiful little girl! It looks like the boys enjoy being big brothers, I love the smiles in the first photo!

Corinne said...

Congratulations on Eleanor! (I love the name) I knew you were going to have a girl, don't ask me how, I just did! Your kids are adorable.

Mama Gone Green said...

I can only imagine how hectic life must be with all 3 needing so much mommy attention. You will do great- give yourself a couple more weeks to settle into the routine and you will have it down. You sure do have gorgeous kids!

Kristen @ Hope Abound said...

I've read your blog for some while now. You are a precious soul and full of charisma. I'm so excited for your number 5. Shes precious! Three is tough but a journey that's so amazing! The routine will find its niche and before you know it packing a bag for three will feel natural as ever :)
Hugs! Kristen

Kerry said...

Ahhh congrats! She is beautiful, and your boys are beaming! They look like very proud big brothers!