Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Farmhouse

Our Farmhouse:
April 2011

 When we bought it, it looked like this:

Our Farmhouse
We purchased our first home, a farmhouse built in 1901 in April of 2010. We have fallen in love with the plaster walls, the heart-pine floors, clawfoot tub, and tongue-in-groove ceilings as we make this our home. We are no design experts, and we learn as we go: renovating on a college-student budget while working, going to school, and raising our sons.
Rooms that are In Progress:

 The Master Bedroom 
 Building Our Master Bed

Burlap Button Pillow


Damon's Woodland Gnome 1st Birthday Party


Kimmie @ Hello Mess said...

Bravo, bravo, bravo! My husband and I are with you, 100%! (In the same "we do what we do because we want to, but won't knock you for doing what you do" sort of way.)

<3 The mommy of 2- the youngest being a fully in-tact 2 year old boy who nurses regularly and will be sleeping in my bed tonight. :)

helenabelle said...

As a mother of three boys,none of whom are circumcised, I am here to say that each thought process that my boys have gone through is completely different. We didn't choose to not circumcise our oldest who is 21, the hospital did. He was born in a military hospital in Europe that did not participate in such practices. He has never had an issue with it and has never vocalized an opinion. The second son, whom was born in a Navy hospital in the U.S. 16 years ago, and we had the option but I just could not see putting a child through such a painful cosmetic procedure. He has asked several times about having it "corrected." We have been to see a doc and once the whole procedure has been explained he has backed off. The third son who is 10 years old, also born in the U.S. at an Army hospital, and by this point hubby and I didn't even consider it, has just recently asked and we have explained why we chose the option
we did and also have explained the surgical options available to him. He is now completely satisfied with his "appearance."
Also, nurse your child as long as he and you desire. Nursing has been proven(or the amount of time you do not have a period) to reduce a woman's risk for breast cancer. Let him sleep in the bed with me there are no healthy 16 and 21 year old sons that want to sleep in the bed with their parents!!

Unknown said...

Hi glad to here you made the commitment to use cloth diapers all 6 of my kids were all raised with cloth diapers i saved lots of money my kids were healthier for it , All the children sleep with us ( one or two ) at time no nightmares no one afraid of the dark and i loved it ! Lets talk about toilet training may i suggest you wait until your children are ready they will let you know . They will ask for big kid underpants (around age 3) my kids toilet trained in 2-3 days happy Enjoy you son !!!
thanks Pye

Dee in NC said...

Thanks for sharing your parenting philosphy on your blog. My two youngest weaned at toddlerhood, around 2 years. It was so much better for us than trying to use formula - breastmilk comes in these really neat pre-measured containers, it's always the right temperature, it doesn't leave stinky stains and we never had to run to the store in the middle of the night to get some. Ha!

Christin@Pregnant with power tools said...

You guys sound just like us! And I like chewy, thanks!
Cloth diapering is awesome and I our son (and the one that's on the way) are not mutilated - when did normal (born that way) become so unusual? Seems like an unnecessarily painful procedure to me!
You guys rock!
- Christin

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing! we are hoping to start our family this summer, and i am doing as much research as possible so that i will know how i want to go about parenting. i've definitely come around to the cloth diaper bandwagon. i really appreciate all the moms like you who share about parenting issues in a real way.

Tracey @ My House of Giggles said...

It's refreshing to find another "chewy" mama out there! :) I often feel like I'm the only one that has two boys in my bed (6 months and 3 yrs), and is nursing them both. crazy, I know. But I agree that it's just so good for them, and why fight with nature, right? They grow up so fast and I want to look back at this time with as little regrets as possible :)
Besides....I honestly look forward to the nighttime snuggles. I don't feel right without my little men on either side of me, snuggled in :)

Unknown said...

I have that gorgeous rug from your living room in my home as well! I got it on mega sale at anthropologie! Gorgeous home you have!

Unknown said...

I think I may have literally just drooled over your library bookshelves...

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! It looks great, we are a step behind you! Thanks for the inspiration!